Tri-Stanna Industries

* Our Product Line *

Products may be a little overstatement, because we don't manufacture or distribute shrink-wrapped goods. We provide the 'building blocks' to build business information systems. We also supply the computer systems to run them on, as standard 32-bit PC compatible or Opteron 64-bit multiple processor units. We can supply the equipment and build the "wired" or "wireless" networks to support your 'Intranet'. We install proven Open-Source software for the 'Operating System', 'Web-Server', 'Utilities', and 'Office' applications.

Just as an office supply store offers several different ledger books and forms, we supply a variety of standard forms and methods for maintaining many business systems. But, because the source-code is delivered, each business or organization can then apply their own unique names and evaluation criteria to those standard forms to make them usable and valuable within their operations.

For instance, a simple 'Address Book' can take many forms. A simple: 'name', 'address', and 'phone number' is seldom sufficient. We start by separating Organizations from Individuals. That way, as people change jobs or departments you can track the relocation with minimum effort. Also, there is a difference in the information needed for employees, customers, and vendors, so we provide add-on blocks for those entries.

Our primary 'Product' is really the 'Service' that we can provide to your business.

All of the programs, menus and user interfaces that we provide or recommend are delivered as 'Free and Open Source' products. Our own programming is licensed under the 'GNU General Public License'. That means that you may 'SAVE TO DISK' any menu or form on this site and legally use it for any purpose. Please, read and understand copyright issues of the 'GPL'. You may want to become involved.

The Menu Tree Button for this site contains only the screen displays and menus that have been reformated from our older systems screen displays to 'INTRANET' web services format. There are many hundreds more to be transfered. So visit us often. The Menu System Outline, lists most of the programming that we plan to have available here. If you see a solution you would like to see sooner, drop us an eMail and we will move it ahead.

Note: The equipment used for our systems can range from standard PC's or Apple servers to Main Frame configurations. The operating system for the server should be: 'Linux', 'Unix', 'Mac OS-X' or a Main Frame OS. The client machines may have any operating system, but requires a newer 'W3C - XHTML/CSS-2' browser be installed. These new browsers are available for all operating systems and are free. We suggext the new 'Foxfire' browser, which is currently available for major operating systems. If MS-Windows machines are attached, they should have individual current virus protection software installed.

Contact : Bill Fahy           Morehead City,   NC  28557