Tri-Stanna Industries

Sample : Needs Analysis Worksheet


  1. Purpose and Scope of the Analysis.
    The 'Needs Analysis' furnishes the roadmap for your information processing procedures.
    • It flows from a complete review of your present operation;
    • through an investigation of your 'wish list' for a perfect system;
    • and results in a clear description of the most economical, most comprehensive, and least disruptive installation for your operation.

  2. Organizational Overview
    This is a physical description of the corporate level structure with a narrative discussion of company policy and goals with a detailed of:
    • Present Information Processes and Inventories
    • Present EDP/ADP Equipment and Facilities
    • Present Staffing Levels and Organization
    • Present Flow and Control of Data
    • Narrative Discussion of Five-year-planning
    • Analysts Comments.

  3. Operational Investigations
    • Review of Company Departmental Structure
    • Analysis of Departmental Operations (each)
    • Purpose and Scope of Operation
    • Conformity to Corporate Planning and Goals
    • Review of Present Information Processes
    • Discussion of Processes:
      • Benefits to Organizational Goals;
      • Detriments to Organizational Goals;
    • Analysis Comments
    • Composite Analysis of Present System.

  4. List of Objectives

  5. Design Criteria
    • Equipment
      • Server Configuration Requirements
      • Client/Browser Requirements
      • Peripherel Equipment Requirements
      • Data Communication Requirements
    • Operating System
    • System Software
      • Organizational Level Requirements
      • Operational Level Requirements (each)
        • Functional Description
        • Accuracy of Data
        • Security
        • Time Constraints
          • Throughput
          • Response
          • Priority
        • Input / Output Requirements
        • Failure Contingency
      • System Support (Non-EDP)
      • Cost Factors
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