The Menu Tree

The 'Menu Tree'

Our 'Business Process Management System' is navigated and maintained through a 'Menu & Data-Form' System, such that every 'Data-Form' may be requested from our growing 'Menu Tree'. The tree on this site will continue to grow with 'Open-Source' components as we convert them from our older proprietary code. We hope to be able to attract new business clients to support of conversion efforts. If you have a need or know of others who do, please call on us for more information.

Using such a representation allows us to customize each management system to the user group without forcing new and different procedures on the members of the group. The 'Data-Forms' displayed on this site, are generalized forms. We can adapt the forms and menus to mirror your way of doing things and minimize your learning curve.

You may navigate through the menus and form blocks using the 'mouse' or the 'keyboard'. In the menus and form blocks, you will notice underlined letters. By holding your keyboard 'hot-key' (usually 'Control' or 'Command') while pressing the underlined key you can activate the menu or switch to another form block. You can move between Form fields using 'Tab' and 'Shift Tab'.

* Never Forget ! *

Your business is successful because you have found compatible working relationships with your customers and clients. You should not jeopardize these established personal contacts to conform to a 'system'. Use your system to bring you closer to the customer. We can help you build such a working system.