Tri-Stanna Industries

Information about an 'IntraNet'

We want to impress business users with the usable strength of a local 'INTRANET'. An 'intranet' uses the same resources as the 'World Wide Web', except that it can be restricted to your facilities, your workgroup, or your single office. And it can securely communicate prepared content to your WWW server and accept filtered information from your external web site.

From your external server, your customers, vendors, sales agents, 'whoever' can interact with your business. They can order your products, check the local events of your firm. They can check shipping dates, get quotations and even pay invoices. That server can then securely forward the transaction data back to the 'Intranet' for processing and internal use.

The great majority of your current employees (and the applicants for your open positions) already know how to 'surf the net'. Bring the familiarity of the 'web' to the workstations of your information system. If you are currently using PC's as terminals for a data-processing system you can have access to both your existing programs, and to the new installations on your 'Intranet'.