About Our Company

About Our Company

We are a family-owned, small business on the coast of North Carolina. We began under the name 'Fahy & Associates' in 1976, and offered industrial engineering services in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. In 1984, we changed the name to 'Fahy Engineering Company' to emphasize both our industrial and electrical capabilities. In 1989, we changed our name to 'Tri-Stanna Industries' to reflect our growing diversity of technical capacity. Since then, we have remained focused on our core areas by providing industrial, electrical, and computer hardware and software implementation services. Our service area has expanded to the US and Carribean.

Industrial - We offer : Facilities planning; Manufacturing processes layout design; Quality control (ISO) specifications; Installation of predictive-preventive maintenance programs; Training for mechanics, technicians and programmers; and Construction oversight for facilities and equipment.

Electrical - We provide : Construction oversight (Trans. & Dist. and premises); Facilities auxilliary and standby power system installation; and Computer power and networking installations.

Computer Systems - We work with each client's personnel to design, build and install 'Business Process Management' systems that can control both information flow and manufacturing processes. We have experience in :

Requirements Analysis;
System Design;
Equipment Specification;
Modulular Programming; and
Installation and Training.

We understand large and small manufacturing, retail, and service operations. Therefore, we are able to offer complete customization for each part of the software, so that your successful business practices are preserved.

Tri-Stanna Industries has been producing custom-built information processing systems since 1984. During that twenty-year period, we have generated about 750,000 lines of source code, (COBOL, C, C++, Assembly, cgi scripts, etc.). We have been providing a level of service that has met our clients expectations. We have maintained single-user systems with OS/2, DOS/Win. We provided multi-user installations on Novell networks, Unix, Linux, OS-X, Sys-3x, AS-400 and VAX servers. Recently, we have been maintaining existing installations while seeking the best methods to serve our clients in the future.

We have now chosen to provide our clients with the finest, most modern and secure products available. We have selected from a variety of excellent products and sources. All of the chosen products are 'Open Source Systems'. Hereafter, we will provide all of our systems as web enabled 'Intranets', and we will deliver all of our programming under the 'GNU General Public License'.

Contact : Bill Fahy             Morehead City,   NC  28557
252-247-3037             info@tristanna.com